Advice and Support


Our main funders have been:

The Rix-Thompson-Rothenberg Foundation

The Big Lottery Fund’s Awards For All.

The David Solomans Charitable Trust

The David Gibbons Foundation

Advice and Support

We are indebted to a whole host of people who have contributed in kind or offered advice and support. Many thanks to:

EXETER SCRAP STORE  – Such a brilliant resource! We used to visit the Scrap Store regularly and invariably found what we were looking for or something else we weren’t expecting but was equally useful. Cardboard sheets, fabrics, plastic tubing, silver paper, visually interesting plastic items, a UV light. and more! The Scrap Store has been essential to our film project.

CLARITY CIC for help and advice on funding  – invaluable!

GRIN  –  Paul Tucker for help and advice on funding

CROCODILE HOUSE –  David at Crocodile House for advice around compliance with data protection and safeguarding issues with reference to images on line.

MARTIN REDFERN for the loan of the Jedi Knight Robe.

DORINDA AND PETER HULTON – for their helpful support and advice around drama resources in the area

SELECT SIGNS  – Lee Dart expertly covered the main door of the Silverhawk space craft.

ACOUSTICLAD  –  Rick Cook arranged for the installation of a false ceiling at low cost. This has proved to be a valuable asset because we do not have to build it into our spacecraft each time we film.

EURO ACCESSORIES   –   Dan Newman who supplied us with a 24” tube which now acts as a navigation array enabling the Silverhawk to plot a course through the the stars of the galaxy.

ARCADIA   – Karen Davies, Lucy Evans and Cyrus Bozorgmehr and the crew of Arcadia who hosted a visit for the actors so they could see the spectacular Arcadia Spider at Glastonbury.

DEVON DISABLITY COLLECTIVE   –  John and the team for their skilled work in sewing the fabric backdrops

BEER QUARRY CAVES  –  Adam for being a generous host and showing me around the caves  – now planned as a film location

BAKERS YARD – local ironmongers and hardware store which became the ‘go to’ place for everything we could possibly need  – screws, paints, gaffer tape, fixings, tools,

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