The Film



The Silverhawk Flies!

Screenshot (90)

The model Silverhawk is now completed and so Simon took on the job of filming it during his regular visits to Otterhayes.  With the help of the group, he first set up a green screen as a background, and then used a camera slider to move the camera and so film the model. He subsequently has edited the model into a suitably starry background and added some appropriate sound effects…It is not as smooth as we would like but we are working on it! You can see the result by clicking on the link above.

Goodbye to Flossie

Screenshot (16)

One of our actors has moved house! Flossie Flattery played the part of the doctor in the Silverhawk film but alas she now lives far away. This tribute to Flossie was put together by Simon – we will miss her and wish her well in her new home.

Silverhawk Trailer 2018

Screenshot (63)

Please click on the link above to see the latest ‘work in progress’ trailer filmed by Simon with the group during March 2018. Unfortunately a couple of months later, our set was completely destroyed when a tree fell on the Activity Room at Otterhayes. Since that time we have continued to develop the story and refine the film set and now we have a new dedicated working space to make our film we plan to begin filming once again towards the end of autumn.

Work in Progress Trailer 2017

Screenshot (68)

Please click on the link above to see an early compilation of film sequences edited by Simon. During these sessions we were experimenting with story ideas to see what worked well and what did not. It was great fun! More importantly we have taken our best ideas and developed them as can be seen in the 2018 trailer. Enjoy!