During May we received the good news from Otterhayes Managers that the workshop promised us had been cleared and was ready for us to move in. We were very happy : )

IMG_2883It is an excellent space. It is slightly bigger than our original activity room and needs a little renovation work but we have been told we can modify and adapt it as we wish. We have a good few visits from those involved in the project these days and the drama group actors have been eager to show everyone our new Drama / Film Studio!

The first task was to take down a vacuum cleaner and broom and get rid of the cobwebs.IMG_2891

Michael and Tim quickly appeared on the scene and were eager to give a hand and so we all got to work on the space until it looked clean and tidy. Since that time, we have been gradually moving all our set items into our new film studio and turning our attention to re-making our main set i.e. the bridge of the Silverhawk.

The next task is the installation of a new suspended IMG_2926ceiling in the space and then we will begin to remake the walls of the Silverhawk bridge. There is a good bit of work to do in order to get the main set up and running and looking good but we have a bit of momentum with us currently and are beginning to get on with these. Evered Woodward (Woody) takes some of the credit for this – he is one of our expert makers and has20190627_105705 begun coming to Otterhayes once again to help with various tasks set-wise.

However, rebuilding our main set is not the only item on our agenda. Our specialist visiting contributors have also been busy:

TabardsKaren our excellent costume maker has been busy in her studio in Plymouth and recently brought in a first batch of costumes which everyone was very excited about. These consisted of uniforms for all the crew members and also an elegant dress for Holly in her capacity as the Ships Bar Person!

Alby Bruce who plays the crew’s friend and ally Leafmould has been visiting to run drama sessions with the group which has proved useful and enjoyable for everyone. He has a significant role in the story and has been diligently working on his relationships with the other actors,

IMG_2906The model Silverhawk is now completed and so Simon took on the job of filming it during his regular visits to Otterhayes. With the help of the group, he first set up a green screen as a background, and then used a camera slider to move the camera and so film the model. He subsequently has edited the model into a suitably starry background and added some appropriate sound effects…You can see the result here!IMG_2911

Finally, Ron Winterwood our electronics maker has been busy with creating alarms and entrance switches as well as adding special LED lights to the Emperor’s ancient mirror and inserting more LEDS into Doctor Lucy’s Healing Beam for her to use in her surgery.

So, we are moving forward slowly but surely. So far so good!

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