The Coronavirus Pandemic


Thank you

The Coronavirus lockdown has meant there have been no drama sessions at Otterhayes since 12th March 2020 with the intention of lessening the footfall there and so protecting the residents’ well-being. I felt very sorry to let the residents down with their drama sessions but, of course, it was the best and only course of action for everyone’s benefit.

In the meantime the residents have been well looked after by the on-site care staff who have stepped in to organise a wide range of enjoyable activities: These have included picnics, cooking, arts and crafts, gardening, Easter egg hunts, zumba, swing ball, cinema, bingo and much more! In the photos I saw there were many smiling faces : ) Hats off to the care staff for doing such a great job!

Early on, when I had to consider scenarios which might sabotage the project I would never have considered first a tree falling on the drama space and then a virus pandemic affecting the entire world but we are where we are and the safety of the Otterhayes residents is paramount.

The irony of this is that we were almost ready to begin filming once again! Before the Coronavirus lock down we were running around two years behind schedule as a result of delays following the tree fall. If everything had gone according to the original plan the film would have been almost completed by now! So, where this leaves the film project is in the air but when crisis eases and we are able to reconvene all those involved in the project are all looking forward to being able to continue…..

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