We’re Almost There!

Well, we have finally done it! The documentary is almost complete! Simon has done a grand job with the edit and there is just a musical soundtrack for some sections due to be added into the mix in the near future. I would offer that it is a heart-warming documentary and includes contributions from everyone who has been involved.

The storyboard of the original story is currently at the typesetters who are transforming it into a graphic novel – the previews look promising : ) 

We have booked a date for the screening on the 25th September at Studio 74 in the Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre. Studio 74 is a small comfortable film theatre and and we have arranged for refreshments after the screening in the Phoenix Secret Garden. Here we can all meet up again – the actors with learning difficulties and the outside collaborators who have given so generously of their time, skills and energy to make the film happen. A celebration seems appropriate!

It will be lovely to see all the talented folk who have contributed to the film since we first began roughly seven years ago and it will be good to honour the folk with learning difficulties who have been involved with every aspect.

Unfortunately we have finally managed to exceed our budget and will need to fund-raise for this final gathering of the tribes. The aim is to honour the drama group actors and all of us in our efforts in film-making. The Phoenix have been generous and have given us discounts for the hire of Studio 74 and the Secret Garden. The current plan is that we crowdfund for an extra £1000.00 which will cover the printing of the graphic novel, duplication of the film onto memory sticks, presentation boxes, catering for the screening event and other necessary bits and pieces. 

Photos will follow….

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