The Screening – 25th September 2022

We had been planning the screening at Exeter Phoenix for some time and thanks are due to Claire Horrocks at Digital / Studio 74 for her help and support with arrangements. The long awaited day finally arrived and everyone arrived in good time ready for a 2.00pm start. Steph from the drama group was the first to introduce herself to the audience: ‘My name is Stephanie Lewis and I play Princess Ruby Red in the film’ It was a good and unplanned start to the proceedings!

Simon and I then each briefly introduced the film and off we went. It was great to have our documentary projected onto the big screen and Simon made a point of getting the projectionist to include the standard Studio 74 film additions which made it feel quite authentic! After our unscripted beginning I made a point of asking the drama group actors if any of them wanted to say anything at the end of the film which they did of course. So it was their moment as well as the rest of us.

Several folk in the audience found the whole thing quite moving apparently. Holly, one of the drama group actors, told me that there were some tears during the film – emphasising that they were happy tears though, which can only be a good thing!

Celebratory teas, coffees and cakes were waiting for us in the Secret Garden after the screening which enabled us to relax and be a bit sociable and was fun. It made for a good ending to the day and to the project. 

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